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Our approach

The environment and saving resources are at the heart of Roval's day-to-day concerns. These issues represent economic and ecological challenges and all our teams are working to find the appropriate solutions.


Water meters are installed on strategic water supplies and are read on a regular basis to analyse consumption, prevent abuses and detect leaks.
Water is a precious element. We must look after it.

Energy consumption

We analyse energy consumption in order to optimise it (seasonality, peak production, temperature change...).

  • Automated management of lighting
  • Installation of low energy lighting
Our approach


Roval has adopted a sorting philosophy. Waste is systematically collected, analysed, sorted and recycled (cardboard, plastic, wooden pallets...).

Roval is ever more concerned by environment protection by advising the final consumer in recycling their waste. To find out more, click on www.quefairedemesdechets.fr

Our approach

What others are saying about us

  • 2010 Sustainable Development Self-Assessment:
    Silver Medal from one of our customers: "You have a good level of commitment to sustainable development. You have already taken into account several important aspects, thereby positioning yourself as a company committed to sustainable development".
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    Communication campaign in a commercial for shower gels for one of our customers: "The factory that manufactured the product reduced its water consumption by 14% in 2010".